Good Friday & Easter at 24 Church


It may be hard to believe, but Good Friday and Easter are right around the corner. In a few short weeks, we will gather as a church family to reflect upon and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In truth we do this every single week, but these holidays are an especially significant time of remembrance for believers.

Easter Sunday is always an exciting time at 24 church. Our church family will host three different Sunday gatherings, and we’ll have the the opportunity to meet many new people. But beyond this, Easter Sunday has the potential to be the day where many in our community hear the gospel for the very first time. Or, it may be the day when those who are struggling with faith, reconnect with God in a meaningful way.

If you’re part of 24 church, we’re asking you to pray that God would move powerfully in our midst during our Good Friday and Easter gatherings. Additionally, we want to ask you to consider who you might invite to church for one of these gatherings.

Here are two interesting statistics to ponder:

  • “among people who don’t go to church, 79% don’t mind their friends talking about their faith and 73% disagree that their friends talk about their faith too much.”

  • “63% of Americans say a personal invitation from a friend or neighbor would be very or somewhat effective in getting them to visit a church.”

With this in mind, let us ask, “Is God leading you to invite a friend, co-worker, neighbor, or family member to church this Easter?”

That invitation might be vastly more effective than you realize.

4/19 - Good Friday - 7:00pm

4/21 - Easter Sunday - 8:30am, 9:45am, 11:00am