A micro church is a community of believers helping each other to increasingly know the gospel, care for one another like family, and live on God’s mission to make disciples.



The church is not a building. The church is not a worship service. The church is the people of God sent on the mission of God. Similarly, a Micro Church is not: a small group, a weekly meeting, a social activism group, a support group, or a Bible study. Micro Churches do gather to study the Bible as a group, they do support each other, they may be involved in social activism together, and they do meet together regularly, but they are not any one of these things alone.

Three statements help clarify what a Micro Church is:

  • Gospel - A Micro Church is a community of believers who help each other increasingly know and believe the gospel of Jesus, who is the Son of God.

  • Family - A Micro Church is a community of believers who care for one another like family. God the Father has adopted us into his family and we are his sons and daughters. We care for one another like a family.

  • Mission - A Micro Church is a community of believers who live on God’s mission to make disciples as we are empowered by the Holy Spirit.


Every year, all of our MCs prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit what people group He is sending them to reach. A people group could be: a neighborhood, an affinity group, a school, a ball team, etc. MCs then decide how they’re going to be on mission together to love this people group in word and deed.

  • Word - Sharing the gospel message.

  • Deed - Loving others as we have been loved.


  • Eat - We gather together regularly (usually every week or every two weeks) to share a family meal together. We may invite others (who aren’t yet part of the family of God) to join us for these meals.

  • Play - We have fun together. Some MCs may even take vacations together.

  • Bless - We have been blessed by God and in turn want to be a blessing to others. This is a tangible way to share the love of God with each other, with our community, and with those to whom we’ve been sent.

  • Story-Formed - We are a story-formed people. We believe the true story of the world can be found in the big story of the Bible:  Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration. We encourage each other to live every part of our lives in light of this story. As followers of Jesus we regularly read and study the Bible together.

  • Listen -We listen to each other’s stories and the stories of others. We learn how to tell our stories with Jesus as the hero.


Micro Churches are the primary way that we aim to disciple one another to be followers of Jesus who make disciples. We teach, train, and equip believers from within MCs to live all of life for Jesus. 

As disciples grow in maturity, our hope is that they will be led by the Holy Spirit to start new MCs throughout the 24 corridor. We want to saturate our community with Micro Churches!