What to Expect

Real People & Real Grace

Twenty Four Church is a "come as you are" church. You don't have to dress up or pretend to be something you're not. Come with your doubts. Come with your baggage. Come with your tattoos. Come with whatever is happening in your life. We are normal people who don't have it all together and that's fine because we have an amazing savior, and He does have it all together! Real People. Real Grace.

Authentic Family

Jesus Christ has died on the cross and made a way for the whole world to be part of the family of God. Everyone who is in Christ has been adopted into God's family. At 24 church, we are striving to fully embrace our identity as God's family. We want to be real with one another and treat everyone like brothers and sisters. Authentic Family.

Christ-Centered Worship

By worship, we don't just mean singing, we mean: the sermon, the songs, communion, our kids ministry, literally everything we do is worship to God. And everything we do is about Jesus. When you attend a worship gathering, expect vibrant passionate songs about Jesus, expect a sermon that always points to Jesus as the hero, and expect weekly communion where we remember the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.

We Believe the Bible

We believe every word of the Bible is the inspired, infallible, and authoritative word of God. As the apostle Paul said, we believe the Scriptures are "profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness." Our normal method of study is to preach through whole books of the Bible one at a time. From time to time we also break for topical studies. No matter what, we strive to interpret the Bible correctly, to understand its original context, and to apply it to 21st century life. We believe everyone is called to stand under the authority of the Bible as God's word. For more about our beliefs, click here.

Ancient & Modern

Our church is both ancient and modern. We love to sing both old hymns and brand new songs about Jesus. We stand in the tradition of christians who have followed Jesus for over 2000 years. We are not trying to recreate the wheel. Jesus said that "upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not overcome it." The church has always been Jesus' plan to reach the world. Twenty Four Church is one small congregation standing in this tradition. We are ancient, but we are also modern. We like electric guitars and Instagram, and we are seeking to be faithfully contextualized to the people to whom God has sent us as Tennesseans living in the 21st century.

Kids and Teens are Important

We love children and there are quite a few of them at 24 church. Our church works extremely hard to provide discipleship opportunities for both children and teenagers. Our kids ministry provides a fun, engaging atmosphere with Christ-centered teaching each week, and our Student Ministry meets every Wednesday night for worship, community, teaching, and fun. All our volunteers go through a thorough background check to ensure the safety of your family. We want to see every child and teenager come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. We provide kids church for children K-5th and a Wednesday night service for teenagers 5th-12th. For more about 24 kids, click here. For more about FUEL Student Ministry, click here

A People On Mission

Jesus told his followers that as the Father sent him, so he was now sending them. As disciples of Jesus, we are the sent ones of God. We are a salt and light people who have been sent into the world to share how Jesus has changed our lives. We are not called out of the world, but into the world as Jesus' holy people empowered by the Holy Spirit. We are seeking to let mission inform everything we do. To see more about how we are on mission, click here.


SUNDAYS - 9:00am | 10:45am

1502 Substation Rd.
Pleasant View, TN 37146